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Jobs in Japan for Students Worldwide

We offer webinars on job hunting in Japan and host company information sessions and selection events specifically for students overseas. Make the most of our career counseling for interview preparation and job search guidance.

Jobs in Japan & Career Events

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Job Fair
You can participate in seminars and interviews with Japanese companies actively recruiting international students. We hold Job Fairs in cities such as London, Jakarta, Taipei, Seoul, and online.
Information session / Selection Event / Job Openings
Apply to selection events, information sessions, and job openings offered by companies actively recruiting international students.
Webinar / Career Counseling / Casual Event
One-on-one career counseling, webinars on job hunting in Japan, ES (Entry Sheet) and interview preparation

Benefits Of Using Connect Job


Consultation Available for Free

Our career consultants will support your first ever job hunting in Japan, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Find a Job from Anywhere Overseas

You can participate in information sessions and interviews online, so you can secure offers from Japanese companies right where you live!

Multilingual Support

Don't worry if you're unsure about Japanese. Our consultants can speak multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, and more.

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