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Jobs in Japan for International Students in Japan

We are holding company information and selection sessions for the Class of 2025. We also offer individual interview preparation, career counseling sessions, and webinars on job hunting in Japan that are open to students of all academic years!

Job Hunting Events for Class of 2025 !
Jobs in Japan & Career Events

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Joint Information / Interview Sessions
You can join information sessions and joint interview sessions hosted by companies that are actively recruiting international students.
Information session / Selection Event / Job Openings
You can attend information sessions, selection events, held individually by companies and apply for job opportunities.
Webinar / Career Counseling / Casual Event
You will find information about how to schedule one-on-one consultations, book interview preparation sessions, and get tips for job hunting in Japan through webinars.

Benefits Of Using Connect Job


Exclusive selection routes for international students

International students have access to a special selection process designed specifically for them. This process may include exemptions for entry sheets(ES) and web tests, making it easier to balance job hunting with academic resposibilities.

Full support until you receive a job offer

Connect Job's consultants, experienced in job hunting in Japan, will support you throughout your first job search. From preparation to interview tips and questions during the selection process, feel free to consult with them for any assistance you need.

Connection with companies that actively recruit international students

Connect job introduces companies that actively hire international students. Let's find job opportunities where you can utilize your stydy abroad experience!

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How can I participate in events and selection processes?
Is a CV required to participate?
Are there any fees?
Is Japanese language necessary for interviews?
What should I prepare before an interview?
What is the difference between Self Promotion and Gakuchika (what you put an effort in school)?
I would like to know how to prepare the Self Promotion and Gakuchika (what you put an effort in school) for entry sheets.
When should I start my job hunt?
How can I book a career counseling session?