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For High-Class Career Transitions
for Foreign and Global Talent,
choose Connect Job.

We provide full support for job hunting in Japan.

At Connect Job, we specialize in offering high-class executive positions(with annual salaries exceeding 8 million yen) customized for foreign and global talent, as well as bilingual professionals. With our online platform, you can easily search for jobs in Japan, and our team of multilingual consultants proficient in English, Japanese, Chinese, and more, will provide dedicated support throughout your job search journey.

Job Categories

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Business position
Sales / Consulting, Manager, Planning, Service, and other positions
Engineer position
Engineer / Technical (IT/ Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical / Semiconductor), Creative(Design and Production), R&D, and other positions

Benefits Of Using Connect Job


Consultation Available for Free

Our career consultants will support your first ever job hunting in Japan, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Find a Job from Anywhere Overseas

You can participate in information sessions and interviews online, so you can secure offers from Japanese companies right where you live!

Multilingual Support

Don't worry if you're unsure about Japanese. Our consultants can speak multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, and more.

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How can I apply for job openings?
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What skills and experience are required to apply?
Is Japanese language necessary for interviews?
I'm unsure how to write a Japanese resume and work history document.
Can applicants living overseas apply? Are online interviews possible?
Can you explain the process after signing up?
What support can I expect from Connect Job?
Can Connect Job assist with obtaining a residence visa for employment?
Is salary negotiation possible?
How much of my registration information will be disclosed?
I can't find job listings that match my preferences and conditions.