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Sony: R&D Engineer *Communication systems
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R&D Engineer


R&D Engineer


Position details

■[Closed] Position1:R&D Engineer (Ultra-fast distributed deep learning technology)
*We stopped applications for this position because there is no more place available.

■Position2:R&D Engineer (Privacy preserving technology)
At present, various personal data are collected, and further, with the development of AI technology, a better user experience is being provided. However, because of repeated personal data leaks, data collection by various HWs and its thorough data analysis, people have begun to recognize that analysis beyond personal assumptions is being made, and the interest in privacy protection is increasing year by year.

Sony R&D Group is seeking an engineer to join a team responsible for privacy preserving technology, which balances sensitive personal data management and its utilization. The group is to solve challenging issues at the intersection of people’s privacy expectations, customer satisfaction, and business interests.
The group expects you to
1) have privacy preserving technology expertise, such as secure computation, differential privacy, etc;
2) are passionate about helping us balances sensitive personal data management and its utilization
Required Skills:
●Programming Skills:
・Experience with Python and at least one systems programming language (C++, Java, or Go).
- Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming is highly preferred
●Engineering Skills:
・Project experiences in software developing
- Seek to understand new privacy-preserving technologies and how to integrate them into our products and services.
- Experience creating scalable, high-performance software"

■Position3:R&D Engineer (Realtime operating system, SDK)
Our vision is to develop realtime operating system and algorith development SDK that is used in our future, multiple vision sensor intensive data processors.
Sony is quite strong in image sensor market, ability to design high level processor and also have some business units that they think visual world recognition and realtime physical feedbacks. While we work with existing Sony's business units, we also seek to involve in Sony's new business creations.
Required Skills:
Should be familiar in working, debugging / trouble shooting in opensource operating systems (e.g. Linux)
Hands on exeperience of implementing / fixing bugs on operating system Kernel or its driver (e.g. Linux)
A person who can proactively work with his ideas and who can propose new features with actual implementations.
Have good experience of 5 programming language (including scripting language). Best if having assembly language experience.
* Have experience in working in two of: Operating System, Programming language implementation, Robotics SW (either algorithmic part or operating system), Visual algorithms, Machine Learning"

■[Closed] Position4:R&D Engineer (5G) [Closed]
*We stopped applications for this position because there is no more place available.

■[Closed] Position5:R&D Engineer (Parallel processing technology) [Closed]
*We stopped applications for this position because there is no more place available.

■[Closed] Position6:R&D Engineer (Base system development) [Closed]
*We stopped applications for this position because there is no more place available.

■Position7:R&D Engineer (Autonomous mobile system)
In 2017, Sony released new entertainment robot 'aibo' for the first time in 10 years. And this April, Sony presented “Affinity in Autonomy” an exhibition that envisions the relationship between humans and robotics at Milan Design Week 2019. Check this link:

To strengthen the research and development of robots in new fields towards the age of robots that are drawing attention again, you are responsible for developing advanced robotics software.

Responsible area:
- Autonomous mobile system
- Manipulation
- Development environment
- Communication
- Group control

Required Skills:
●Programming Skills:
- Proficiency in C/C++ is a must
- Proficiency in python is a must
- Knowledge of ROS1/ROS2 is highly preferred
- Knowledge of javascript is highly preferred

●Engineering Skills:
- Project experiences in software developing
- Experience using common open source libraries and tools is highly preferred
- Experience with robotics simulation is preffered

Career path


Work location

Estimated annual salary

5,500,000 Yen

Bachelor : around 51,000 USD above
Master : around 56,000 USD above
PhD : around 60,000 USD above


・Dormitory Support and Commuting Expense
2/3 of the dormitory fee and full commuting expense will be paid by company.
・Arrival allowance will be paid
・Statutory taxes, social insurance premiums, health insurance fees and all other payments required to be paid by Japanese laws will be deducted from your monthly salary.
・Japanese language training will be provided.
・Visa expenses will be borne by Sony.
・Moving expenses will be borne by Sony.


Language Level

Applicant requirements

Selection process

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
- All positions
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