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LINE information session for IT/CS students @ UC Berkeley

LINE information session for IT/CS students @ UC Berkeley

LINE Corporation is the producer of Asia's #1 mobile messenger app, LINE. Not only do they develop LINE, but also other kinds of apps, games, and platforms. LINE is coming to the US for a meetup at UC Berkeley on February 19. Come on down and enjoy some food as you chat with their developers.

At this event, LINE engineers will share the technical challenges and experiences faced by its engineers, and also introduce their engineering culture and life in our Asia branches.

Session 1, with engineering team leader
LINE's Services

There are a wide array of services at LINE which sit outside its core messaging infrastructure. These services provide support for some apps like LINE Pay, LINE Live, Fortune Teller, and Part-time job finder. The presentation will introduce some of LINE's services 1) architecture; 2) challenges and lessons learned while recently migrating from sync to async; 3) and lastly some of the middleware tools we use to serve millions of requests per day.

Session 2, with senior software engineer
LINE's Messaging Service Architecture: Core Technologies for Handling 220M Monthly Active Users

This talk will cover an overview of LINE's messaging service architecture, and some core technologies LINE is involved with, such as Netty-based RPC framework Armeria and Apache Kafka.

Session 3, with developer relations
LINE Engineers' Culture and Work Style

LINE has development sites in several countries and regions across the world. We will talk about the values that our engineers embody in their work within this context, as well as introduce the systems and environments in place at LINE to enable highly efficient performance.

Come on down this February and enjoy free snacks and drinks. Sign up using the button below!

Check out this video about LINE engineers' culture:

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/02/19 - 02/19 The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley / Seaborg Room
6:00 - 7:30 PM

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