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Work in Japan seminar & Job Matching Event for Exchange Students

Work in Japan seminar & Job Matching Event for Exchange Students

Come join us for a special event to find your best career in Japan!!

Are you an exchange student hoping to work in Japan?
Struggling to find a company that would appreciate your skills and knowledge? Are you worried that you won’t be able to come back after you leave Japan?

Join us to get the invitation of Connect Job abroad event

To compete in the ever-changing global market, Japanese companies are searching for talents from all around the world.
We have a recruiting event in London (for Europe area), San Fransisco (for American area), Singapore (for Arean area), China on This Autumn and winter. If you come to this event you might get the invitation of the above event!!

What can Connect job do for you?

Connect Job Japan helps to match your abilities with domestic companies looking for people just like you!
This time we help exchange students to continue their Japan job hunting even after they leave Japan.
Join this seminar and get invited for interview sessions back in your country!

Date & Venue

■Date : July 19th(Fri) 14:00-16:00
■Venue : Tokyo Yotsuya
■Content : Work in Japan seminar, Interview for Connect Job abroad event
■Application condition : University students who will graduate from 2019-2020

Come and get the opportunity for a job interview even outside of Japan!

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/07/19 - 07/19 TOP CAREER Office

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