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East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
East Japan Railway | ~One week Global Internship in Tokyo~
East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
Working Country

East Japan Railway Company (JR East)


JR East's operates in a vast and wide business area and it is filled with opportunitiesfor our employees to challenge and grow.
We support the lives of people everyday through our “Transport Service”, “LifeStyle Service” and “IT Suica Service” at the highest level for our customers.
Based on the Group's management vision ""Reform 2027 '' announced in July 2018, the JR East Group message has shifted from ""providing services based on railway infrastructure and technology '' to ""enriching the lives of all people."" We are undertaking a fundamental shift to create value and services based on this.

Name East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
Established 1987.Apr
Capital 200,000,000,000 Yen
Work location
Type of business Transpotation, Lifestyle, IT・Suica (IC ticket /e-money) service
Note The driving force is the power of each individual employee. The belief of JR East's human resource's team is “I want to hire people with abilities, and train them to develop their talents.” I am hoping that enthusiastic employees will achieve great growth through self-fulfillment through various challenges. We are convinced that there is always a stage where you can challenge yourself to play an active role. “How far can you go?” Why don't you open up a new era in JR East with us and test your potential? We provide three services, mainly“ transport services ”,“ lifestyle services ”and“ IT / Suica services ”based on the brand of trust and reputation from customers and local residents. ■ Transport service Alongside its Tokyo metropolitcan rail network and 5 Shinkansen Line, JR East operates railways that span 16 prefectures from Koshinetsu to Tohoku in the Kanto region. We are striving to create new transportation services around the world's highest level of safe and stable railway systems. ■ Life services Large-scale transport terminal development, complex urban development, promotion of inter-regional connections, distribution services, and also the real estate / hotel business, etc. with the slogan ""CITY UP!"" We are promoting “lifestyle” (urban development) aimed at improving the attractiveness of city areas. ■ IT / Suica Service A new business platform centered on a nationwide mutual use service with Suica and 10 other transportation IC cards nationwide. With approximately 75 million issued cards, 580,000 member stores, Suica boasts the highest number of daily usage of about 7.84 million. ■ International business By providing knowledge and technology cultivated in the Japanese railway business to overseas railway companies through the "Overseas Railway Project" to improve transportation infrastructure globally, we strive to provide a richer lifestyle to those abroad.
CEO Yuji Fukazawa
Number of employees 500 +
Annual revenue 2,950,000,000,000 Yen
Average age
Employees' nationalities
Gender ratio
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Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/07/30 - 08/07 Tokyo
*Ecxept Saturday and Sunday (7 days)
*Date for internship changed as the above.

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