Article 1 Terms of Use

This terms of Use (“ToU”) set out general terms and conditions for users of “Connect Job” as defined hereafter.

Article 2 Connect Job

Connect Job is a general term for certain events, online recruiting related information site, and e-mail distribution services provided by Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (hereinafter Fourth Valley Concierge).

Article 3 Connect Job members

Connect Job members are those who have completed the registration for the service through the official Connect Job website at connectiu.com.

Article 4 Consent to the agreement

The registrant is deemed to have given the consent to the ToU upon registering for the membership. Fourth Valley Concierge may send the registrant information regarding the overseas career, questionnaires, brochures/information booklets through email or direct mail.

Article 5 Modification of account information and account deletion

Members can freely modify, add, or delete the registered information. However, they shall be responsible for the registered content by themselves. Members can close their accounts at their own will, by following the instruction on the website.

Article 6 Prohibited acts of members

Members are prohibited to conduct any of the following actions through the Connect Job website.
Entering or Registering false information.
Any act violating the intellectual property rights of another member and/or a third party.
Any act violating the operation ofthe Connect Job website .

Article 7 Deletion of registration

Fourth Valley Concierge may suspend the services of any member without any prior notice upon judging that he/she has violated this agreement or is likely to do so.

Article 8 Personal information

1. Definition of personal information
"Personal Information" is information of the individual member such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and other information which could be used to identify the member (This includes information which could not identify the member by itself, but could be easily used to identify the member in comparison with other information).

2. Administrator of the personal information and the purpose
Fourth Valley Concierge will administrate the registered personal information, and is entitled to use the information of Connect Job and its related website service. The usage of the information covers membership confirmation, email from prospective hiring/recruiting companies, and notice of seminars by phone-calls.

3.Custodian of personal information
The personal information will be managed by the following party. 6F 7th Akiyama Bldg, 5-3, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation Custodian of personal information Connect Job General Manager E-mail: privacy@4th-valley.com

4. Providing personal information to companies
(Due to the nature of Connect Job service, ) personal information provided to companies and other organizations participating in the Connect Job related events or web page may be obtained and maintained by each company or organization for recruiting purpose. The companies and organizations are prohibited to use the personal information obtained through Connect Job website for any other purpose other than recruiting. Please directly contact the companies and organizations regarding their personal information policies.

5. Consequences of not providing personal information
Unless Connect Job members enter and provide the information required for the implementation of each service, such service would not be available.

6. Dissemination of matters related to the disclosure of personal information
Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding the purpose of "personal information disclosure" or procedures for "disclosure of information". We will reply within x working days.

7. Deleting Personal Information
When Connect Job members wish to stop using Connect Job, the members shall carry out the necessary procedures from user page.

8. Exemption Clause
Under the following circumstances, Fourth Valley Concierge shall not be responsible for the acquisition of personal information by third parties.
(1). Connect Job members provide their personal information, by using our website or otherwise, to a certain specific entity other than Fourth Valley Concierge.
(2). Connect Job members provide personal information at the external website referred to at our website and such information is used by third parties.

9. Statistics
Fourth Valley Concierge has the right to derive statistics based on the collected personal data under the condition that individuals shall not be identified.

Article 9 Responsibilities of Fourth Valley Concierge

Fourth Valley Concierge shall not bear any responsibility for members’ damage (mental anguish, interruption of job hunting, and/or any disadvantage including economic loss) caused by the registration, usage, and providing of information through Connect Job, unless there is an intentional or gross negligence on Fourth Valley Concierge. Also, in case the distributed e-mails may not be readable due to corruption of text, Fourth Valley Concierge shall not bear the responsibility of re-sending it.

Article 10 Responsibility for a third party

In case a member causes damage to a third party through the registration or usage of Connect Job, the member shall solve the problem under their own responsibility. Fourth Valley Concierge shall not in any way interfere or take responsibility of such trouble/conflict.

Article 11 Compensation for damage

When a member violates any of the provision of this ToU and causes damage, whether direct or indirect, to Fourth Valley Concierge, the member shall be obliged for the compensations for the damage.

Article 12

Fourth Valley Concierge may, at its sole discretion, revise, add, or delete any information of ToU without consent from the members.

Supplementary provision

This ToU will be implemented as of November 11th, 2017. Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation

Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation
phone: +81-3-3263-6847
E-mail: info@4th-valley.com
weekdays 10:00-18:00 JST

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Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation
General Affairs department, General Affairs section
FAX: +81-3-3263-6848
E-mail: privacy@4th-valley.com
Official hours: 10:00-16:00 JST
Enacted: November 11th , 2017
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