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・RDC_N_Full2001 Machine Learning for Robot Control Researcher
Research engineer working on machine learning technologies for robot control, including but not limited to deep reinforcement learning. (Both theories and software systems.) Our target is real world robotics, and thus, in addition to generality, sample efficiency and transferability over environments, hardwares,and tasks are important research topics. Integration of control theory and machine learning is another challenge for safety guarantee and explainability

・RDC_N_Full2002 Image Recognition Researcher, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Research and develop image recognition technologies.They includes following topics:-Detection and identification of humans and objects-Recognition of behaviors and gestures-Segmentation and classification of scenes-Reduction of CNN computation to run on edge devices such as SoC or ASIC-Coupling of image sensors and LSIMainly machine learning techniques such as deep learning are used.

・RDC_N_Full2003 Research Engineer, Deep Learning
You will have a role or multiple roles of the followingResearch Engineer, Deep Learning for Content Creation:- Develop novel deep learning algorithms for image, video and 3D content creation of game, motion pictures and so on.Research Engineer, Explainable AI:-Develop novel deep learning algorithms of explainable AI in computer vision.-Integrate the algorithms into our deep learning GUI "Neural Network Console".Software engineer/Research Engineer, Deep Learning

・RDC_N_Full2004 AR/VR System Engineer
Develop XR core technologies as follows:
-AR/VR rendering technology to show virtual objects with sense of presence just like real one or to provide new expression of reality
-AR/VR system technology to realize ultra low-latency, power efficient, and small form factor to wear
-AR/VR content creation technology to attract to creators or to realize new generation of the content production workflowAnd integrate above technologies into XR prototype system and show its technical demo applications with game engines

・RDC_N_Full2005 Computational Photography, Next Generation Image Sensing Technology Researcher
Develop new image processing algorithm based on computational photography technology or other research level technology to enhance functionality or image/video quality of SONY products such as digital still camera, camcorder, TV, PC, and gaming devices.-Investigation of possible technical options to achieve functionality enhancement or image/video quality enhancement.-Conducting research and image/video processing algorithm development to achieve above purpose communicating with engineers closely-Providing algorithm description document, reference code in the specified programming language, and regular research reports

・RDC_N_Full2006_R&D engineer of Music, Speech, and Language technology field
・Research and development of elemental technology in our target fields (Music, Speech, and Language).
・Problem formulation, hypothesis verification, experiment, simulation, error analysis, data collection, advanced technology research, market research and analysis, etc.
・Software design, architecture design, interface design, implementation, evaluation, and release of technology.
・Project leading to develop elemental technology.・Report on development plan, development progress and status, deliverables as development results, etc.
・Close cooperation with members of the development team, communication with people in charge of products and services.

・RDC_N_Full2007 _Wireless Communication System Engineer
You will work in a Wireless System Software development Team with responsibility from feasibility study of 5G enabler technologies to develop a wirelesssystem software collaborating verticially with other experts to enable differentiating Edge-Cloud services. The Team systemizes, designs, develops and evaluates the software to control multiple Radio Access Technologies and utilize Core Network Functions, and take joint responsible for all team tasks.You will be involved in the 5G end-to-end system development and close collaboration with Business units internally, and Equipment and Modem vendors externally.We are looking for a tenacious, high-energy individual obsessed with creating a never-seen-before 5G experience for end users, has an innovative outlook,and is savvy with technology.

・RDC_N_Full2008_Distributed Computing Researcher, AI Platform
You will be responsible for the development of distributed deep learning technology that accelerates the training of deep learning overwhelmingly by using large-scale GPU, especially the acceleration technology that utilizes GPGPU technology and network technology.Development languages: C++, Python, CUDA, NCCLDevelopment framework: Neural Network Libraries, PyTorch, etc.Development environment: AI computing environment, public cloud such as AWS, Azure.

・RDC_N_Full2009 _Software Engineer, Software Development Environment
・Develop technologies to accelerate software testing
・Design, implement, and test C++ or Go code・Evaluate the improvement effect of your developed features
・Integrate developed features into our CI service and provide business units with them
・Build, deploy, and operate our CI service on-premise or in the cloud

・RDC_N_Full2010_Software Engineer, Privacy Preserving

The team consists of about ten people including overseas R&D base members. You will be in charge of any of the following privacy preserving technologies that enables the utilization of personal data while preserving privacy:・Zero Knowledge Proof・Federated Learning・Differential Privacy, etc

・RDC_N_Full2011_Software Engineer, Parallel Programming and Machine Learning
A system that executes image recognition and AI processing at high speed and low power consumption is essential for the timely release of new categoryproducts in the future. In order to realize high speed and low power consumption, it is important to maximize the performance of various hardware such asGPU, DSP, FPGA. We will contribute to Sony's next-generation products and services by developing programming models and parallelizing compilers suitable for parallel computing, and quickly realizing new technologies and algorithms such as Deep Learning.

・RDC_N_Full2012 _Robotics Engineer, Robotics Researcher
-Algorithm design and implementation of novel controller or motion planning incorporating with machine learning
-Plannign and execution of research and development of robotic technologies using machine learning

・SIE_N_Full2001 _Graphics Engineer
-Lead Graphics Performance analysis, Optimization and Debug technology

・SIE_N_Full2002 _Application Security Engineer
-Design security programs that include feature review, static code analysis, fuzzing, security feature test and manual code analysis-Drive them with colleagues all around the world in
・SIE_N_Full2003 _Software Engineer (Backend Servers)
Software EngineerResponsibilities:Work with an Agile Scrum team to complete sprint breakthroughs, including:
You will be designing/developing in the team with gaming platform related business features.
You will participate in Quality Assurance activities such as load and resiliency test.
Join in cloud deployment of gaming platform services.*Help monitor production performance.

Career path

Depends on positions


Work location

Tokyo / Japan

Estimated annual salary

5,500,000 - 6,500,000 Yen

Total : JPY5,500,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 3,525,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,175,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000

Total: JPY 6,000,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 3,900,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,300,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000

Total: JPY 6,500,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 4,275,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,4250,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000


・Dormitory Support and Commuting Expense
2/3 of the dormitory fee and full commuting expense will be paid by company.
・Arrival allowance will be paid
・Statutory taxes, social insurance premiums, health insurance fees and all other payments required to be paid by Japanese laws will be deducted from your monthly salary.
・Japanese language training will be provided.
・Visa expenses will be borne by Sony.
・Moving expenses will be borne by Sony.


Depends on positions

Language Level

  • - English / Business /

Applicant requirements

Selection process

Document screening -> online interview *several times

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
- SONY / Engineer positions onnline interview
All position

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