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技術 Engineer


技術 Engineer


Job Opportunities
We are looking for highly motivated and talented engineers to join our team at JTEKT. For more information, please refer to the list in the ‘Fields of Work’ section.

Fields of Work
研究開発、製品設計、生産技術、製造技術、品質管理、販売技術 等
Engineering and Technology-Related Fields
Research & Development, Product Design, Manufacturing Technologies, Quality Management, Sales Engineering, and more.

Career path

Job Examples



Product Design
In order to exceed our customers’ expectations all over the world, our design specialists use their modeling skills, prepare designs for prototype builds, collaborate with the other departments to refine the designs, and more.

Production Engineering
To satisfy the needs of our Design Division and production sites, our engineers manage and oversee the research, planning and design of the production equipment aiming to achieve optimum expenditure of capital as well as smooth productions in all of our sites.


Work location

Estimated annual salary

Starting Salary
修士了 月給229,000円  
大学卒 月給207,000円

Master’s Degree: 229,000 yen monthly
Bachelor’s Degree: 207,000 yen monthly
(Fiscal Year 2018)


Welfare and Benefits
・各種社会保険完備(健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険 ) 
・各種 資格取得サポート(語学等)

・Visa Application Support
We provide visa guidance and help with the documentation application;
・Company Rented Accommodation
We look for the accommodation for the new employees before their arrival;
Part of the rent as well as the deposit is covered by the company based on the marital status:
・Dormitory Support System (Single Employees): Rent varies between 10,000-14,000 JPY/month
・Rent Support System (Married Employees): Half of the rent (up to 35,000JPY) is covered; (The covered amount is defined by the welfare handbook and varies based on the location.)
・Transportation Allowance
General commuting expenses are covered by the company within limits.
E.g. For the route Kariya – Kanayama, the company covers around 9850 JPY per month.
・Paid Holidays
The number of days shall be paid based on the date of joining:
・ April: 10 Days
・ November: 1 Day
Starting January of the year following the joining, the number of assigned paid holidays shall increase to 17.
・Social Insurance Plans
Health insurance, employee pension insurance, unemployment insurance and other optional plans are offered.
・Skill Upgrade Support
We provide financial support if the employees would like to improve their language skills or other qualifications.
・Cafeteria Plan
JTEKT has a cafeteria plan which offers various benefits such as travel reimbursement, discounts in various shops and etc.
JTEKT pays bonus twice a year – in July and December.


Engineering and Technology-Related Fields

日本語か英語 ビジネスレベル
Business Level of Japanese or English

We are hiring new graduates as well as those who have graduated within 3 years and are able to join in 2019 November, as well as 2020 April, November.

Language Level

Applicant requirements


We are looking for someone who:
・Can realize their own personality, while developing as a member of JTEKT together with all of our employees.
・Is an independent thinker showing creativity when approaching work as opposed to merely following the instructions.
・Wants to grow as a professional by acquiring extensive knowledge and experience.
・Desires to contribute to the society through the company's business.
・Is passionate about working globally.
・Is eager to experience various work fields and build their career through job rotation.

Selection process

Selection Process
Connect Job事前選考 ⇒ 一次面接(Skype)⇒ 二次面接@日本 ⇒内定
Connect Job Selection ⇒ 1st Interview Round(Skype)⇒2nd Interview Round in Japan/Online (Skype)* ⇒ Offer

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/04/18 - 06/14
*The location of the 2nd interview round is generally Japan. However, based on the circumstances, the location may change. Applicants shall receive more information in regards to the location after passing the 1st interview round.

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