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concrete5 Japan, Inc.
【concrete5 Japan, Inc.】システムエンジニア/System Engineer (PHP)
concrete5 Japan, Inc.


■ Job Description
Website related software development, research, sales, guidance, support, website planning, production, management, operation, hosting service.
You will mainly be involved in the development using PHP, but you may also be involved in upstream processes such as Requirements Definition, according to your experience and preferences. It is an environment where you have the judgment and at the same time also improve your skills.

■Job Appeal
Since we are the only authorized company of concrete5 in Japan, we can develop and update concrete5 while responding to our customer needs.
By supporting multinational Japanese companies, and by shaping together the products that our customers want, we aim to impact many industries. Our clients have also received favorable reviews, and the number of orders received has also increased.
We are looking for colleagues who can contribute to our further leap!

■Company Culture / Characteristics of the Company
[Concrete 5] released as an open source in 2008. It is a unique expanding CMS with the potential not found in any other CMS, like intuitive operation method / advanced authority function / high flexibility / MIT license.

■ Others
[Intuitive and growing enterprise: CMS concrete5]
There are various CMS in the world, so thank you for your interest on us, concrete5.
Before meeting concrete5, we were troubled with proposing CMS to our clients. That's the reason why we were deeply impressed by concrete5's release on 2008. Concrete5's operation method is highly intuitive, and this greatly reduce training costs for operators. Its' advanced authority functions can be easily used by listed companies, universities and government agencies. I also have a highly flexible MVC-based framework and licensed by MIT. Concrete5 brings freedom to business. We have a solid Japanese community, and also Japanese committer. This way, we believe concrete5 is a CMS with a one-and-only potential not found in any other CMS.
We would like to support more Japanese companies to use concrete5 in order to solve issues. Also, we wish Web creators can use this powerful production tool to bring innovation to the Japanese web production industry. This is our mission.



[Preferred] Experience in development of Open System and/or Web System (concrete5 skill/experience is not an issue)

Language level


Estimated annual salary

3,360,000 - 4,800,000 Yen


■ Commuting Allowance
Based on company regulations, the upper limit is 20,000 yen
■ Overtime Allowance
Separately paid according to overtime work hours
■ Social Insurance
Health, Welfare, Pension, Employment, Accident
■ Holiday
125 days/year (Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays, 4 days in Summer, 5 days in New Year)
■ Paid Vacation10 days (Only after working in the company for more than 6 months)

Selection process

STEP 1: Connect Job pre-screening
STEP 2: 1st Interview
STEP 3: Web test
STEP 4: 2nd interview
※ Interview by Skype,etc is available



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>> Pass/Fail notification
Only those who have passed the application screening will be notified of the results.
In addition, those who have passed the selection process will be contacted as soon as the results are confirmed.
Please note that we may not be able to inform you of the selection results in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.



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