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Toyama prefecture & Connect Job will offer you "Work in Toyama Program", which provides you a full scholarship to learn Japanese and the opportunity to work for Japanese companies in Toyama Prefecture.

Japanese language course will start from Oct 2020 once you are selected as a new employee for Mar 2021. The selection will be taken place by online interview this summer!
Do not miss this amazing chance to start your career in Japan!

*To apply, login to Connect Job→Check the Apply Status below→Click Apply button!
*There are 4 days in total. Each day has 5 companies to present. You can apply multiple times to maximize your chance!

Why we recommend Toyama for engineer

You may not be familiar with Toyama prefecture, which locates in the middle of the west side of Japan, but it is so competitive industrial area, that it has the biggest number of employees engaging in engineering/manufacturing in Japan!

Toyama prefecture locates in the middle of west side of Japan.

The percentage of manufacturing industry in Toyama is about twice higher than national average. Especially chemical engineering, electric component/device/circuit, and metal manufacturing industry in Toyama are highly valued in the global scale.

If you want to learn & brush up your skills as an engineer, Toyama is one of the greatest places, in which traditional & innovative Japanese manufacturing techniques are accumulated.

If you want to check more detailed information of Toyama, see the following websites.
"Work in Toyama": this is Connect Job's special website for those who are interested in working in Toyama. You can see how life in Toyama is, must-see spots, as well as voices from global talents who are working in Toyama.

"Toyama International Center": an official website of Toyama prefecture to support foreigners who live and want to live in Toyama.

Toyama Prefecture & Connect Job encourages you to get a path to joining excellent manufacturing companies in Toyama prefecture!

Participating companies (updating)

Currently accepting application from companies

Selection Process

Register a Connect Job account and interview via this website
Fill in your profile with information such as experience and skills, and upload your resume/CV.
Apply to jobs of your choice
Don't be shy. Apply to multiple positions to maximize your chances!
Take preliminary interview
preliminary interview
Take a preliminary interview with a Connect Job career counselor online. As part of this step, we'll give you tips and guidance on how to go about interviews with companies.
Interview with company
interview with companies
If you pass Connect Job's preliminary interview, you'll proceed to online interviews with companies you've applied to.
Announcement of results
You'll find out the outcome of your interview(s). If you pass, you're on your way to a career in Japan!

Application Requirements

  • Resident in Vietnam
  • Those who graduated from universities majoring engineering
  • Those currently enrolled in universities majoring engineering and will graduate from universities to join a company in Toyama prefecture in March 2021
  • Those who are interested in working in Toyama prefecture
  • Those who are willing to learn Japanese seriously and have a confidence to achieve JLPT N4 or N3 level by March 2021 through the free Japanese language course.

*We do not require you to know Japanese language in advance at the entry.

Overview of the fair


1st Fair Day: Fri. 21 August 2020

2nd Fair Day: Fri. 28 August 2020

3rd Fair Day: Mon. 1 September 2020

4th Fair Day: Fri. 4 September 2020

Program of the day

Please check below

Number of the company

5 different companies for each day

*Companies are hosting interviews simultaneously in 5 different meeting rooms online.
*You can apply several companies on the same day but your slots are not guaranteed for arrangement.

Deadline for application

Fri. 14 August 2020 for all the fair days

Process after the fair

Sep 2020 Successful candidates will receive offers.
You must respond to your offer by a designated date
Oct 2020 2nd

Japanese class begins

<Course Schedule (tentative)>
6hrs * 5 working days * 20 weeks (600hrs)
Holiday: during 10-21 Feb 2021

Mar 2021 19th Japanese class ends
Start working in Toyama

*Target of Japanese level after the course is JLPT N4 or N3

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply if I've already graduated or have work experience?

Sure! You can join the event even if you are not students or freshgrads.

When will the interviewees be decided?

They will be determined one week before the event.

I do not speak Japanese. Can I join the fair?

Yes. This event is for those who do not speak Japanese. The Interview and companies' introduction will be conducted in Vietnamese with an interpreter.

When we can get offers from companies?

The result after an online interview will be announced by email within 10 working days regardless of the result.

Contact Information

For any inquires, please contact us at toyama.global@4th-valley.com

Date Venue , Memo Apply Status
2020/08/21 - 08/21
<Program of the day (tentative)>
10:45 Recepetion
11:00~11:25 Introduction of each company
11:30~12:00 Interview 1
12:05~12:35 Interview 2
12:40~13:10 Interview 3
13:15~13:45 Interview 4
13:50~14:20 Interview 5

*If your application is accepted by a company, we will set you in a slot for an interview.
The slot will be notified to you by email beforehand.
*An interpreter of Vietnamese and Japanese will be assigned throughout the program.
2020/08/28 - 08/28 Online
Same above
2020/08/31 - 08/31 Online
Same above
2020/09/04 - 09/04 Online
Same above

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