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[Closed] Free Online Japanese Lesson Lucky Draw!

[Closed] Free Online Japanese Lesson Lucky Draw!

Sorry! The campaign is closed as of October 31. Please wait until the next batch starts!

Simply fill in the required items for the chance to get a free 3-month course.

Easy to learn basic Japanese skills at any time but organized? We prepare a FREE online Japanese lesson- 4Me Japanese learning for you.

During the promotion period from Oct 5th -31st 2018, registrants who have successfully filled in the required profile info at will be eligible for one drawing entry. Winners will be drawn in early November.

Grab the chance to win your FREE online Japanese course and find the best jobs for you at Connect Job NOW!

What is 4Me Japanese Learning?

4Me Japanese Learning is an e-learning service for corporate clients who employ foreign staff in Japan or outside of Japan. The service will help your staff to acquire "Basic Japanese skills".
About Gakken 4Me

How to Apply

Step 1: Sign in / sign up on the Connect Job website here
Step 2: Register for the drawing here
Step 3: Fill in the required items (please note that if all required fields are not filled out, you won't be eligible for the drawing):
1. Country of residence
2. Language (Japanese and English levels both required)
3. Major
4. Preferred work location (please fill in Japan)

*If you already have an account and have filled out all the required information, all you need to do is register for the drawing.

Number of winners

25 people will win!

Results announcement

Those who have won the drawing will be notified via their provided email address every week.
Make sure you've filled in all the required items to get the chance!

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2018/10/05 - 10/31 Free Online Japanese Lesson Lucky Draw!
Thank you for your participation! We look forward to seeing you at 4Me Japanese Learning soon!

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