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<European 留学生 in Japan> "Work in Japan" Webinar/ 日本就職ウェビナー

<European 留学生 in Japan> "Work in Japan" Webinar/ 日本就職ウェビナー

Connect jobより、ヨーロッパから日本に交換留学をしている学生を対象に、日本就職ウェビナーを開催します!
ウェビナーは日本語で行われます。(This seminar will be conducted in Japanese)

We’re happy to announce that we are holding a “Work in Japan” seminar online (webinar), where we will talk about up-to-date information on Japanese job market, work environment and recruitment practice in Japan etc, as well as introduce some full-time and internship opportunities in Japan.

As we are hosting our yearly recruitment fair "Connect job Europe" in London on October 24th and 25th 2020, with many Japanese employers coming to recruit international students from all over the European countries, we would like to give you a better understanding of how it’s like to work in Japan in advance.

About Connect job Europe 2020

The seminar will be conducted in Japanese about an hour, with the following agenda:
- Job market in Japan: Why are many Japanese companies actively looking for international talents?
- Work cultures and environment: What’s it like to work for a Japanese corporation in Japan (HQ)?
- Interview/ selection process of Japanese companies: What are their expectations? And how can you prepare for them?
- Available positions, opportunities and events
Followed by Q&A session.

開催日時<Date and Time>:
You can choose one slot from the following options;
Slot 1: May 20th Wednesday 18:00~19:00 (JST)
Slot 2: May 27th Wednesday 18:00~19:00 (JST)
(the same contents provided for both slots)
(JST=Japan Standard Time.)

応募方法<How to Apply>:
Sign up and apply to one slot here beforehand,
And we will send you the webinar link and password to log-in with your own device, either PC, tablet or smartphone.

申込締切り<Registration Deadline>:
A day (24 hours) before the start time of each slot
※e.g. for “Slot 1: May 20th Wednesday 18:00~19:00 (JST)”, the application deadline is May 21st Tuesday 18:00~19:00 (JST).
※We will close the application when each slot is fully booked.

参加対象者<Targeted Participants>:
We mainly address international (non-Japanese) students who are currently studying in Japan as a exchange students.
The presentation will be all in Japanese.

We look forward to having you in our Webinar soon!

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Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2020/05/20 - 05/20 Slot 1: May 20th Wednesday 18:00~19:00 (JST)
2020/05/27 - 05/27 Slot 2: May 27th Wednesday 18:00~19:00 (JST)

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