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Connect Job Japan エンジニア @Tokyo


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Connect Job Japan エンジニア とは?


Connect Job Japan エンジニアに参加すべき3つのメリット!



島津製作所, 日産化学, セイコーエプソン, 日立製作所, 住友電気工業, SONY, 積水化学工業,ヤマハ発動機, NTT研究所, JFEスチール, FUJITSU, ジェイテクト,renesas,三菱日立パワーシステムズ,京セラ,日立ビルシステム


■日程:2020年2月23日(日) RECEPTION 12:30 OPEN 13:00~18:00
■場所:[ベルサール神田 2F] (


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Connect Job Japan とは?

Connect Job Japan (Former:TOP CAREER)は日本初の外国人留学生に特化した、就職活動支援サービスであり、この10年間で5万人以上の外国人留学生が登録しているエージェントです。
Connect Jobではジョブフェアの主催だけでなく、留学生に特化したキャリアカウンセリングや個別紹介を行っています。

English ver

● What is Connect Job Japan Engineer?
This is an industry research event in which major Japanese companies, specialized in technical occupations, gather together for science students to explain about their company.

● Three benefits to participating in Connect Job Japan Engineer!
・Companies gathering actively recruiting science students!
・ Foreign technical senior employees will also attend. Listen to what you are interested in from a foreigner's perspective!
・ Free career counseling is available at the job hunting consultation booth on the day!

● Participating companies for this year
Shimadzu Corporation, Nissan Chemical Corporation, SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, Hitachi, Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, SONY, SEKISUI Chemical CO., LTD., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, FUJITSU LIMITED, JTEKT Corporation,renesas, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power systems, KYOCERA Corporation, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.

● Date and Venue
■ Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020 RECEPTION 12:30 OPEN 13: 00-18: 00
■ Location: [Bellesalle Kanda 2F] (
■ Nearest station
2 minutes on foot from Ogawamachi Station B6 exit 2 (Shinjuku Line)
2 minutes on foot from New Ochanomizu Station B6 exit (Chiyoda Line)
3 minutes on foot from Awajicho Station A6 exit (Marunouchi Line)
7 minutes on foot from Kanda Station North Exit (JR Line)
7 minutes on foot from Kanda Station Exit 4 (Ginza Line)

● How to apply
After signing up or logging in, check the “Apply Status” button and go to the Apply screen. If the “completed” screen is confirmed, the application is complete.
We look forward to your application!

● What is Connect Job Japan?
Connect Job Japan (formerly TOP CAREER) is Japan's first job-hunting support service specializing in foreign students, with more than 50,000 foreign students being registered in the last 10 years.
Connect Job dose not only organize job fairs but also provides career counseling and individual introductions for international students.


2月23日開催の「Connect Job Japan 2021 エンジニア」に参加される方につきましては、

【Measures against new coronavirus infections】
For the prevention of infectious diseases such as new coronavirus and influenza,
For those attending the "Connect Job Japan 2021 Engineer" on February 23,
Please be sure to wear a mask.
Also, those who have visited mainland China within 14 days prior to the event,
Also, please refrain from coming if you currently have symptoms such as fever or cough.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2020/02/23 - 02/23 RECEPTION 12:30 OPEN 13:00~18:00

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