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Work in Toyama Seminar & Manufacturing Companies Tour

Work in Toyama Seminar & Manufacturing Companies Tour

For those who are interested in manufacture in Japan


We are holding Work in Toyama Seminar and a tour of manufacturing companies at an international exhibition in Toyama prefecture! The tour will provide you with some detailed information about participating manufacturing companies.

Date and venue


Saturday, 2nd November, 2019
At Consortium of universities in Toyama & Techno-hall

We are targeting at

県内企業への就職を考えるグローバル人材 定員40名(県内大学、専修学校より募集)

40 international students who want to work for companies in Toyama recruited at universities and special training schools in Toyama prefecture.

Time schedule of the day

12:30-13:00 学生受付開始
13:00-14:00 留学生向け就職セミナー
14:00-14:45 移動(バス)CiC内大学コンソーシアム研修室からテクノホールへ
14:45-15:00 企業ブースツアー 企業A
15:00-15:15 企業ブースツアー 企業B
15:15-15:30 企業ブースツアー 企業C
15:30-16:00 自由行動(時間があれば閉館まで)
16:00-16:45 移動(バス)テクノホールから富山駅へ

12:30-13:00 Reception open
13:00-14:00 Work in Toyama Seminar for international students
14:00-14:45 Move from Consortium of universities to the Techno-hall by bus
14:45-15:00 Exploring a booth of company A
15:00-15:15 Exploring a booth of company B
15:15-15:30 Exploring a booth of company C
15:30-16:00 Free time (The exhibition will be closed at 16:00)
16:00-16:45 Move from the Techno-hall to Toyama station by bus

Detailed information about the seminar and the tour

〇留学生向け就職セミナー @CiC内大学コンソーシアム研修室
- 日本社会の現状を知ろう ~留学生を採用する理由/大手・中小企業の比較~
- 日本の「就職活動」を理解しよう ~スケジュール/エントリーシート・試験/面接~
- 外国人留学生が注意すること   等

〇Work in Toyama Seminar for International Students at Consortium of universities
We will talk about
- Instruction of recruiting situation in Japan
- How to perform in job hunting in Japan
   What's the schedule of job hunting look like?
   How to fill in application forms, take tests, and perform in job interviews?
- What international students should keep in mind etc.

〇企業ブースツアー @テクノホール
・ 株式会社エムダイヤ (産業機械メーカー)
・ 勝星産業株式会社 (作業用手袋製造販売)
・ 株式会社松村精型 (自動車・オートバイ金型・アルミ鋳造部品)

〇Manufacturing companies tour at the Techno-hall
A staff will take you to booths of each company who wants to hire international students.
Participating companies (not fixed yet)
   ・ M-DIA & Co., Ltd       (Industrial machinery manufacturer)
   ・ KACHIBOSHI CO., LTD.         (Working gloves manufacturer)
   ・ MATSUMURA MOLD & PATTERN CO., LTD. (Automobile parts and aluminum products manufacturer)

* Please note that photos and videos may be taken by an organizer or participating companies for publicity and marketing purposes and that you might be appeared in them partially.

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/11/02 - 11/02 Consortium of universities in Toyama & Techno Hall
Techno Hall:

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