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Selection for Connect Job Class - Mid-Valley International College Nepal

Selection for Connect Job Class - Mid-Valley International College  Nepal

This selection event is especially to students at Mid-Valley International College in Nepal.

<< Summary of the course >>
Connect Job Class is a customized class for students who are interested in working in Japan.
Students will study Japanese with a tentative job offer from a sponsor company and start working at a sponsor company in Japan after graduation if you pass the interviews.
Connect Job Class at Mid-Valley International College will start from January 2020!!

<< Duration of the course >>
Two years

<< Starting date of the course >>
January 2020

<< Fee >>
Free of charge

<< Who can apply? >>
3rd Year students from December 2019 at Mid-Valley International College

<< Selection Process>>
Step 1: Sign up Connect Job
Step 2: Log-in and apply through this page
Step 3: Upload your CV
Step 4: Online interview by Connect Job
Step 5: On-campus interview by sponsor company and Connect Job

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/11/19 - 11/20 Nepal
Details are to be announced to shortlisted candidates.

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