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Work in Japan seminar & Job Matching Event in Malaysia

Work in Japan seminar & Job Matching Event in Malaysia

Join us to get the invitation of Connect Job abroad event

To compete in the ever-changing global market, Japanese companies are searching for talents from all around the world.
We have a recruiting event in Singapore on the 26-27th October.
If you come to this event you might get the invitation of the above event!!

Who is Connect Job?

With a network of 700 universities worldwide, we are supporting young talents from 100+ countries to take challenges overseas. HQ in Japan and 10 branches around the world. Our recruitment events have 38,000 participants in 20 countries (2009-2014).

What can Connect job do for you?

Connect Job Japan helps to match your abilities with domestic companies looking for people just like you!
Join this seminar and get invited for interview sessions.

In this seminar, we would like to talk about

  • Job market in Japan: Why Japanese employers are actively looking for ASEAN Talent?

  • How it is like to work for Japanese employers: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • The current available positions and events

  • What is the interview/ selection process of Japanese employers
    Followed by the Q&A session.

Requirements to participate this seminar

  • Those who graduated / will graduate from overseas universities

  • Those who are willing to work in Japan

Date & Venue

■Date : Sept 12th-13th 14:30-16:00
■Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL Room: diamond

Come and get the opportunity for a job interview even outside of Japan!

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/09/12 - 09/12 Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL Room:diamond
2019/09/13 - 09/13 Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL Room:diamond

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