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BizReach | Worldwide Hackathon 2019 in Tokyo!

BizReach | Worldwide Hackathon 2019 in Tokyo!

Join BizReach and Connect Job's Hackathon 2019 in Tokyo and win incredible cash prizes and all-expenses-paid trip to Japan!

BizReach is calling all developers, hackers and designers to participate in their World Hackathon 2019!

The theme is solving coding challenge with github repositry data (Java based repositories). Details will be revealed on the day of the Hackathon. Participants will have the chance to win not only a cash prize, but also an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan. There’s even the possibility to land a job offer from BizReach through this event!

About BizReach

BizReach is ranked as the 10th up-and-coming tech unicorn in Japan, with an market cap of over 300 million USD. Their flagship product, an AI-powered platform for matching employers with job seekers, has made BizReach a household name here, and they just keep on growing. This hackathon is your chance to show BizReach what you’ve got.

Prizes & Incentives

BizReach will invite finalists to Tokyo!
1st Place:USD $10,000
2nd Place:USD $3,000
3rd Place:USD $1,000

Additionally, those who pass the preliminary (online) round will be invited to the final round in Tokyo, with travel and and accommodation costs entirely paid for!

World Hackathon process

Step 1. Apply here!
Step 2 (Online-Round). Take the online code challenge and submit your CV.
Step 3. Wait for your invitation to the Hackathon event
Step 4 (Tokyo-Round). Finals held from September 26th- 29th in Tokyo.

Application deadline

We have closed application.

Who is BizReach?

BizReach has developed 15 distinct businesses, and their number of employees has increased to over 1,300 over the past 10 years.

BizReach’s mission is to "Increase possibilities and choices around the world through the power of the internet” and to be the leading innovator in the Japanese HR industry. By utilizing businesses-related technologies, BizReach is revitalizing human resources and companies, making Japan a better environment for employees and employers.

Our company employs top engineers from countries all over the world, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United States. We look forward to working with you too!

Click the following link for more information about one of BizReach's outstanding engineers!

"Commitment to myself: Achieve good results in 3 years. How I got the Best Engineer Award"

Best Engineer Award at the BizReach Awards 1st Half-Year 2019

Stefan is born in 1985 in Switzerland. He has studied computer science, linguistics, and entrepreneurship. While studying part-time in the evening at the university, he worked full time during the day in the IT field. For his Master thesis, he came for five months as a research student to Chuo University. After graduating, he went back to his home country to continue to work at his previous company. Stefan entered BizReach in September 2015, after getting scouted by one of the company’s board members. His hobbies are art-related activities, playing guitar and piano, but also hiking and enjoying nature.

"A Japanese tech venture looks overseas: Conversations with global engineers at BizReach"

We paid a visit to BizReach to hear six of their engineers’ thoughts on relocating to Japan, working at BizReach, and the company’s promising future. If you’ve ever thought about pursuing opportunities in a new frontier for tech, then check out this interview. Here’s a brief introduction to the engineers, and what the interview covers:

  • Stefan and Robert: What led you to Japan and BizReach?

  • Dat and Connie: BizReach’s tech

  • Xiaqing and Tapan: Life at BizReach

["Hit the link for details"]

Date Venue, Memo Apply Status
2019/04/11 - 08/15 Preliminary (online) Round
We have closed application.

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